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5/6/24 - A Needlessly Detailed Recolection of My Very Anxiety Filled Day:

Today I woke up with a START! I slept in 30 minutes and my parents were trying to wake me up (surprise surprise, being woken up by your mom shaking you by the shoulders telling you your dad made french toast is quite a confusing way to start the day)

Anyways, after I got ready and got to school and stuff, I had to do some stupid thing in social studies (my first period) and got ready for corral. Corral is basically studyhall but they REFUSE to let you call it studyhall. They mostly make us do weird reading assignments and stuff, but today was End of Year Test prep. My friends and I made a couple of hilarious 9/11 jokes (that may or may not have gotten us in trouble with our teacher but it was worth it) and I started off to english. I kinda (really) hate my enlish teacher. She's this old, skinny, blonde woman who we'll call Ms.Thompson. When I say skinny, I mean, like, anorexia skinny. I don't know how she hasn't withered away yet. We had to do this test thing for something or other (You can tell I don't try in her class) and I mostly drew the whole time. Oh, yeah, by the way, I really like to draw. I don't have an artstyle exactly, but its mainly funny doodles or anime and cartoon inspired drawings. Right, back on track, I really hate this woman. I left to science class where I could finally be free. I mean- not free but I at least have friends I can talk to in that class. In science I sit with my friend named Mateo (actually that's one of his names, but people know him mostly as another one.)

I Love sitting with Mateo becuase he's a Bisexual disaster who I relate to on a spiritual level. We actually only met this year (because I said I loved his hair, which by the way, is a new colour every week) but we're really close. I had a sleepover with him this week actually. Anygays- I mean- Anyways, We had do do something about a study guide in science, but neither of us really cared that much, so we didn't even try.

Lunch is the highlight of my day. I sit with Mateo, Sarah, Natalie, Roy, and sometimes Vick. We're a pretty artsy friendgroup, so we spend most of lunch drawing and making really questionable jokes that probably shouldn't be told at school. We saw a kid named Ferkle (not his name but yeah) and he was getting lunch detention. We were pretty happy about this because he's a total racist and homophobe. He said the F slur in first period, is what Roy told me.

Math and German were pretty uneventful, so I'm gonna skip that. Chorus however, is always interesting. See, we have the spring concert coming up in just a few days. We were preparing for the transitions. It's gonna be this thing where the curtains close and people do spolights in front of them. Theres one person for every transition. We also practiced the choreography for the closer. Its "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by the way.

My last class of the day is childcare. Nothing interesting happens in that class for the most part, but I skipped most of it in the bathroom.

Now, I'm leaving school (I'm writing this on the bus ride home) and am probably gonna take the longest nap ever and forget to do my homework (like every night)